Tom Gusewelle

Name: Tom Gusewelle
Class of: 1980
Instrument played in IHS Band: Drums/Percussion
Most Memorable Moments in IHS Band:

I guess I can’t always suppress the mischievous side of me. It was my senior year, and due to an act of domestic terrorism, me, Mike Grabeel and Mason Sanders found ourselves demoted to the Concert band. Those who remember the drum cabinet in the Concert Band hall might remember that the side extension shelves on top could be raised and locked on either side. The doors on the cabinet swung all the way open and even under the raised side extensions. One day, in an effort to embarrass Paul Harris (who had not yet arrived that morning), I opened the right hand cabinet door all the way until it was under the right extension, then unlocked the extension–leaving it resting on top of the door. Then I put the bell kit mostly on that extension. In a twist of fate, Crystal Walker came in, obviously in a bad mood, wondering which one of us @#$%^*&^s took her drum sticks. She looked in the cabinet drawers, then grabbed the right hand door, pulling it out from under the side extension. The side dropped, the bell kit crashed down on its side, and every single bell on it came loose, clattering on the floor. As far as loud noises go, this ranked right up there with a garbage truck dropped off the Empire State Building. The band director, Mr. Hernandez, stopped the band, and Crystal hastily left the room quite red-faced. Ah, good times!

The night was moist….or not. It was my senior year. The MacArthur Band had just finished its routine and was leaving the field. The IHS Band was lined up in each end zone, and the drums were preparing to line up on the sideline. We were waiting for the MacArthur drill team to exit the field in single file when I heard a long faint whistle. I thought “wouldn’t that be funny if it was the whistle for us to start?” Then I heard the three short whistles and in that split second I realized that it was indeed the starting whistle. So I started playing the cadence on my snare. Everybody looked at me like I was crazy, except Mike Grabeel, who figured it out and started playing his tri-toms along with me before the second measure. Mike Scott was yelling for us to stop playing, which any sane person would do if they didn’t hear the whistle. Eventually the entire drum section was playing as the band entered the field. When we were done I said “Ok, everybody, come up to the line.” We lined up and I said “sing it! TweeeEEEeeet, tweet tweet tweet…” And we all came onto the field, singing just loud enough for us to hear in order to get to our positions. By that time, even the drum majors knew what was happening, and the rest of the show went smoothly!

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