Todd Deatherage

Name: Todd Deatherage
Class of: 1979
Instrument Played: Bassoon/Flag Corp
Memorable Moments in the IHS Tiger Band:

You know how proud we were, and how we never let anyone break rank when we marched in and out of a stadium. The drum line led flags next, with a drum major in front, and one in back, alongside. It must have been the fall of 1977, because I was leading the right file of the flag corp, and either Craig Grey’s sister, pardon I can’t remember her name, or Pam Huffman was behind me. I think Pam was second in the left file, behind the other rank leader (Debbie?). We had our flags at “port arms”, which meant hands at the “thirds” vertical on our right side. We were leaving after the game, and I saw this big young guy with the Duncanville coaches’ red polo and grey pants come out of the block house to my right. He was eyeing me the whole time and walking real fast. I kept him in the corner of my eye the whole time, and I knew his intent. Remember, I’m 16, 5’6″ and maybe 125 pounds. Not that imposing. Neither was the girl behind me. When he got to me, he tried to push me forward, and Kelley? back. I planted my left foot, and planted my right elbow in his solar plexus. I think it went all the way to his spine, I hit him that hard. Sounded like a blown out tire. I kept marching, and after about 20 yards he’d recovered, grabbed me by the vest and citation cords from behind and pulled me out of rank. That’s when I started beating him with the flag pole, left hand head, right hand shins. He pulled me to the ground on my seat, which was a mistake because I could really hit him hard on the head and shoulder. That’s when Sonny Mayes and David Artman came to my rescue and pulled him off me. I got up and turned around and the guy looked pretty beat up, blood on his head and shirt. My flag pole was bent pretty good. Half the drum line, saxophones and cornets left rank and we got all together and got back in file and marched to the bus. Mr. South and Mr. Oliver were with the guy last I saw.
There are other details I couldn’t see. Pam might remember more. I was intent on getting out of there, back in file, and on the bus. Just before we left, Mr. South came and said something like, “Well, that was interesting.” That broke the tension in the bus and the whole thing erupted in cheers.


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