Randy Necessary

Name: Randy Necessary
Class of: 1968
Instrument Played in IHS Band: Cornet
Most Memorable Moments in the IHS Tiger Band:

  • I was in the marching and concert band from 1964 to 1968 when I graduated high school…..also in stage band from 1964 to 1968….Accapella choir in 1968 and took music theory writing music and understanding the nuances of writing the music in the correct keys for all parts my senior year. Served as bus captain my freshman and sophomore years for all the freshman on out of town bus trips, chaplain my sophomore year, and band president my senior year….Had a real blast the whole time!
  • The IHS band was the Presentation band at the TMEA meeting in Dallas at the Adolphus hotel in downtown Dallas in 1965. Our main piece that we played was Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral by Wagner. It was a great honor for all of us.
  • We also represented the state of Texas at the four corners concert in Texarkana in 1966. Bands from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana were there representing their state. This was the good news…bad news was that we had to stay the night with folks from the community…..Of course I wound up with a Methodist Minister and his wife…real joy???? No running around and in the bed at 9PM….bummer!!!!
  • We marched at the UIL in 1966 with mud all over the field in Richardson. Some of the folks lost their shoes out in the mud because it was so deep. Took us a year to get those white buck shoes back to looking white….
  • One year when we went to play Wichita Falls in football and we beat them…..the losers put cow manure all over the sides of the buses we went on. Same trip we were all given $1.50 for our meal that we ate. Big spenders hey!!!!
  • Another out of town trip was a real doozie….I had left some tootsie roll pops on the bus…..after the game on the way back home, I unwrapped it in the dark ….put it in my mouth and felt something stinging…..spit it out and found that it was covered in ants…..big surprise….
  • We Played at the dedication of the Irving community hospital back in 1964…never forget it.
  • Also, the stage band played for the grand opening of the 10 story Irving Bank and Trust in 1965….got to meet Tony Bennett that day….
  • Many time we had to practice in the mud whenever it rained….real joy for all of us….after marching the best way to clean the feet was…..stick them in the commodes and flush ‘til clean…

No wonder so many of us are a little off!!!!!


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