John Fielder

Name: John Fielder
Class of: 1982
Instrument Played in IHS Band: Trumpet
Most Memorable Moments in the IHS Tiger Band:



I actually have two which I think were from the same year:

One was the Salem’s Lot band party at my house on Cripple Creek after one of the local foot. Just about everyone was there and in every room that had a TV, scared half out of their wits. A couple of friends and I went outside and to the side of the house to make some noises, scaring the guests even more.

The other event was Glen Oliver’s (30th or 40th) milestone birthday. My mother had arranged a singing telegram singer to appear in the band hall during one afternoon rehearsal. We’d all told him it was a Strip-O-Gram before he showed up. He was more than relieved to find out it was a singer-until he said he wanted to present Mr. Oliver with a great big kiss. Then he was given a big boxed Hershey’s Kiss-again to great relief from Mr. Oliver.

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