Grant Wood

Name: Grant Wood
Class of: 1980
Instrument Played in the IHS band: Trombone
Most Memorable Moments in the IHS Tiger Band:

One that stands out for me was a football game in Duncanville. It must have been my freshman year the fall of 1976. We had to form up in pairs and march out to the buses before could pack up and leave. When I was in the band we had a firm policy that we did not allow people to break our ranks and step through you as we were marching past. A Duncanville coach tried to break through in front of Todd Deatherage when he was in the flag line. They got into it right there outside the stadium. I think the coach had to be restrained from going after Todd, but he stood up to the coach. Maybe Mr. South could let us know what happened. I don’t think Todd got disciplined. Tiger Pride!

I remember my Mom wore my “We stole the Bird shirt” to the Mac game my senior year and flashed to the band when she walked down front. That may have been her favorite moment of my high school career.

The last one was when most of the brass went to see Maynard Ferguson. I think it must have been senior year as well. The next day we all showed up with black MF shirts. When Mr. Oliver took the podium for rehearsal, we all bent down and put our sunglasses on and sat back up looking cool.

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